Thai Yoga Bodywork

Please note rates have changed to reflect my certification & experience.

Arrive in comfortable clothing. Expect an individualized session to include guided breath work, slow pressure, work along the Sen lines, assisted stretches, energy work and more. Recipients can expect a soothing, supportive, grounding experience along with improvements in flexibility, circulation, range of motion, stress relief, pain relief, energy balance, and overall feelings of well-being.

Now offering Thai Herbal Compresses for a soothing aromatherapy experience, relaxation, inflammation reduction, warming/softening stiff areas of the body, and more. Folks with specific illnesses or ailments can request a custom blend unique to their needs. Compresses are also a great option when pressure or hands-on work causes pain or discomfort. **client must request this add-on in advance.

Questions or interested in hosting bodywork for a group? Let’s chat!

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